Your trusted coaches in the Greek property market

We work with you, for you. Our refined approach ensures that you get the most out of your engagement – both in terms of time and value.


We listen to your purpose, desires and hopes and provide you with a balance of factual and local information - all you need to make an informed decision.

Share your dream

We start from a high-level view with a quick, 5 bullet point, emotion free and easy to comprehend questionnaire. Based on your answers, we engage and refine, drilling down the vast data of available properties to the one that matters.

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Congratulations, you have found the one! Now let us remove the 'noise' and simplify the acquisition process. Sit back and let us drive this one home.

Own it!

Our expert team in Greece will represent your interests in all Legal, Accounting and Engineering matters necessary in settlement. Through our range of services, we ensure that you have a single, Australian-based point of contact while we coordinate tasks on your behalf.

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You have found your property and now it's yours! Time to make it truly your own - make it better, your way. Let's modernise, smartify, amplify!

Make it truly yours

From small improvements to full scale renovations, the scale of work depends on you. Our project teams’ purpose is to save you time and work within your budget. We help you clarify your vision, and execute it to meet both your design and investment monetisation targets.

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From tactical property and facility management services to strategic, long term property investment and development planning.

Show me the money!

From running day-to-day operations to maintenance and leasing, we ensure seamless operation of your property and facilities. We create a smooth, safe and cost effective investment. We help you scale with advice on new opportunities as they present themselves.

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Our Values

Our fundamental beliefs and the principles in which we strive to behave like.

Listen, Look, Learn and Recommend

Greece, an Economy on the Rebound

the only way is up!

House prices fall since 2008
GDP growth per yer up to 2020
Athens International Airport passenger for 2017¹

An exciting place to invest, an enticing place to live,

the place to recharge!

The Mediterranean Life Style with exciting prospects